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LAN-slide v25.0
Aspendale Gardens Community Centre
103-105 Kearney Drive, Aspendale Gardens
Event Duration:
Saturday, 12 January 2019 @ 10:00 AM to Sunday, 13 January 2019 @ 08:00 AM
Registration Count
[329 (+20) / 300 Registrations]
Event has concluded.

Response to Feedback

A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback from the event. We had our highest response rate yet! We have included some of the common topics below and ways in which we are addressing them for future events.

Power outage

So first things first. Power. During the event the generator rage quit and died. There was no quick fix as all the radiator stopped functioning causing the generator to overheat. We believe this was a combination of the radiator being on the way out and us pushing it to its limit. Thankfully the hire company is not too far away and we had a new one on the way within 30 minutes of the power outage.

What Now?

First of all we are going to do a review of the generator and our power usage. We are looking at upgrading the 65Kva Generator to an 80+Kva generator to make sure we have room for all the fancy pcs at the event. Second. We had some feedback mention that when the power went out it was a little chaotic and not everyone knew what was going on. As you can appreciate the event coordinator team suddenly had their hands full during the outage. And while announcements were made it would appear that not everyone heard or read the announcements. We plan to create a procedure so that if we ever have another power outage. We will know how best to:

  • How we inform teams and comps
  • Entertainment during the outage


MOARRRR FOORRTNIITTEE!!!!1! Next event we hope to have streamlined everything to do with Fortnite. This event was big learning curve for us as we had never ran it before (and also not many other people have ran it locally) We are looking at overhauls to the way fortnight traffic runs through the network to stop connection issues and ping spikes. We have read the feedback and we are working on the following.

Ruleset / banning items At this stage we have no intention of banning items. That being said Fortnite is still only new in the eSports world. So we are happy to take feedback on the ruleset. One thing we don't want to do is create our own rule set. If we are to adopt a ruleset we would like it to be a mainstream one so that we can implement something that has been tried and tested at other events.

One thing that we hope to move over too is a points based system as this has been heverly requested.

Issues/bugs On the day we found issues relating to people ability to connect these issues stemmed from the way Fortnite handles connection. We are playing around with some new internet infrastructure to eliminate these issues and help the event as a whole.

Outside players We are aware of players from outside the event did join matches prompting us to disqualify a team and restart a match. We will be working on a system to help us rule out outside players.

Streaming A lot of players did request whether the matches would be streamed. It’s something we’ll definitely consider for the next event.


The Internet at v25 had a disappointing outcome. On the Friday when the links were set up we were testing at 400Mbps+ link speed and 235Mbps/80Mbps actual internet speed ( combined with our caching and our router rules this should have been a very good amount to run the event with. This actually would have been the most that LAN-slide has ever had access to Internet wise.

Our fastest link was impacted by wireless noise and wind during the day, while it was very speedy the night before the speeds "fell to the floor" in the late morning giving us only about 40mbps of usable bandwidth. Unfortunately this is always a balancing act during the day and our Internet team spends a lot of the event working on this. LAN-slide has been constantly throwing new equipment, better mounting and network configuration to ensure our internet is as best as it can be.

On a side note NBN will hopefully be available soon which would give us a stable wired connection that would not have to rely on wireless congestion. Unfortunately we can’t force NBN to be rolled out faster as we have to wait like everyone else.

Better announcements

This is something that we hear *pun intended* quite a bit. We are slowly upgrading equipment and implementing systems to better keep you up to date. This is no small task. But to give you a hint as to what we are working on here is a list.

  • Discord Bot to PM you about the comp/match that you are in (Don't worry it can be muted)
  • Discord to Announce to game groups (with [description]) not using @here or @everyone
  • A Large screen to show a list of announcements that have been sent on discord
  • Better speakers and placement of speakers
  • A tone that plays before announcements

This will be a big upgrade that we hope to have completed by years end. The tough part is we all have jobs and finding time to write and integrate these upgrades is not as easy as you may think. However rest assured that we do listen to your feedback and this is something we are working on.

Woo-ing and Noise

Woo-ing This event we received feedback regarding the noise in the main hall. Specifically the “woo-ing” from predominantly the CS:GO Attendees. While Woo-ing is not as bad as it used to be, it is still annoying some players. On the other hand it is hard to seperate what is unnecessary noise and what is general enthusiasm and a positive contribution to the player atmosphere.

Going forward if you feel that a player or a groups noise is having a negative impact on the player atmosphere you can message the event coordinators with your (or their) seat location and we will come over and have a chat and make sure that everyone walks away happy.

Quiet Room This has come up in the past few feedback surveys, that the “quiet room” (Side Room) is not quiet. Ever since we opened up the side room to players it has started evolving. This evolution has taken it down the path of fun comps and couch games where loud noise is to be expected. We will look into options to see if a quiet space can be created, at this stage things will probably stay the way they are due to funcomps being a good fit for the side room however there may be some layout changes in the future that will give us some more options.

Running on Sunday

First of all we are flattered. Secondly, unfortunately it’s not feasible. As cool as it would be to run LAN-slide over 48 hours unfortunately the real world gets in the way. All of us event coordinators volunteer our time and have jobs to go to once LAN-slide is done for the weekend. Running an event really takes it out of us. So maybe one day when we triple the player base and quadruple the team size we will think about it, but that's a few years away.


♫ Cause you're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no ♫

So Some people told us that they were a little cold. This was one of those lesser of two levels. People in the middle rows were a little to warm and the people on the outside were freezing. We are going to put a request into the venue to realign the vents on their cooling system so it should evenly distribute the cool. Luckily April is usually one of those events where we only need fans going to get the air moving.


Smash We had a few comments regarding the prizing for smash. Smash was way more popular than we ever thought possible. We have to allocate prizing way in advance of the event. At that stage, it was only forecast we would only have 10-12 people enter, not 33! We will take this onboard for the future and make sure we have appropriate prizes.

To help us better gauge prizes in the future, you the player can help us by signing up to comps as soon as you register for the event.

Fortnite The prizing for this comp did have a delay in its announcement. Unfortunately this was due to the christmas break and the sponsor being unavailable during this time so they could not confirm the final prize list . We are hoping to have this fixed for next event. For now we can only apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Tournament Format Whilst a lot of people like the new tournament format, we need to better handle uneven number of teams (eg. 17). It’s likely we will move the CS:GO tournament earlier in the day, to ensure there’s more time to complete the initial group stages. We feel it’s better to allow uneven number of groups, rather than teams having to wait until the Second Shot competition.

Seeding This has always been challenging, as most of the teams change lineups between events. Additionally, most of the event coordinator team does not follow competitive CS:GO leagues. In the past we’ve relied on the players to provide feedback in regard to the seeding order. We do admit, we could try and seed the teams earlier and get feedback before the day. Perhaps an anonymous Google Form with seeding suggestions a week before the start of the tournament might be a way to try and get the best seeding order for the top 4 or 8 teams rather than on the day.

Server issues We noticed a high CPU utilisation on the CS:GO servers. This resulted in a higher Server Variance during some of the matches. It’s always challenging to stay on top of all the updates to the game, from the core engine to the plugins we run on the servers. We will do more testing to ensure an improved playing experience for the next event.

Official Hearthstone Qualifier

Long story short, we can't. To be a blizzard qualifier you need to have a minimum player count. With the amount of players entering hearthstone dwindling each event this is very unlikely to happen. We would need a massive uptick in playes to make this happen.