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Aspendale Gardens Community Centre
103-105 Kearney Drive, Aspendale Gardens
Event Duration:
Saturday, 02 July 2016 @ 10:00 AM to Sunday, 03 July 2016 @ 08:00 AM
Registration Count
[331 (+15) / 300 Registrations]
Event has concluded.

How to Vote at LAN-slide v16.0

The Australian Federal Election is scheduled for the same day as LAN-slide v16.0. If you are over 18 years of age and are entitled to vote at this election, the following information may help you plan your trip to LAN-slide

Disclaimer: We are only providing this information based on what we know. You should refer to Australian Electoral Commission's website for accurate information

I want to vote before the LAN party?

You can cast an Early Vote from Tuesday 14th June 2016.

I want to vote on the day and I am in the Federal Division of Isaacs?

The Aspendale Gardens Primary School is a voting centre in the Federal Division of Isaacs. You should be able to cast an ordinary vote here.

I want to vote on the day and I am a Victorian resident in a different Federal Division?

You can still cast your vote at the Aspendale Gardens Primary School. When attending, you will be directed to the Declaration vote table to cast an Absent Vote. You will need to provide some additional details on the day all of which are detailed under Completion of the declaration envelope.

I am not a Victorian resident?

The three closest interstate voting places are located at:

If you are travelling interstate and are not using the Early Vote option, use the contact us form on this website and we'll try to arrange a car pool for those during the event.